BLOG: Be Order

Jesus Christ’s 112th New Beatitude is Be Order. Blessed are you to be God’s Will and be order. God’s Will orders your life, replacing the dream of illusion with truth. God’s Will is perfect, joyous, and loving, being all good things for all. The universe is ordered so that you will learn precisely what you […]

BLOG: Be Gratitude

Jesus Christ’s 107th New Beatitude is Be Gratitude. Blessed are you to be grateful for everything.  Having an attitude of gratitude multiplies your good and brings more good to you.  Being grateful also releases the abundance of life, making what is enough. So, be thankful and see the glass as half full, rather than half […]

BLOG: Be Tolerance

Jesus Christ’s 38th New Beatitude is Be Tolerance. Blessed are you to Be Tolerance and see the Christ within everyone. Being non-judgment even when others judge you is a blessing, for if you react  and judge them you judge yourself. Judgment and intolerance infer that you can be dominated, and you cannot. No one has […]

BLOG: Be Salvation

By Rev. Keith Davis Jesus Christ’s eighteenth New Beatitude is Be Salvation. Blessed are you to be salvation and already saved, because you are God’s beloved child. You may believe that you are sinful and must be saved and delivered from hell. But hell is here on earth without being love and being forgiveness.  Thus, […]