BLOG: Be Ascension

Jesus Christ’s 114th New Beatitude is Be Ascension. Blessed are you to be the one mind and be from your heart, which is being ascension.  Surely, being love and being forgiveness is being ascension above the worldly plane. Rising above the limitations of the  world and the ego, you will be your greatest potential and […]

BLOG: Be Abundant

Jesus Christ’s 111th New Beatitude is Be Abundant. Blessed are you to be abundant, knowing there is enough provision of good things for all.  Your abundance is yours already, because shortage is only a perception and there is no separation. So celebrate your abundant life and create more of what is desired. Lastly, be abundant […]

BLOG: Be a Friend

Jesus Christ’s 110th New Beatitude is Be a Friend. Blessed are you to be a friend and be one. Friendship is the proving ground of brotherly love, forgiveness, acceptance, and non-judgment. Surely, I am your closest friend, for you are within me as my Self. No one knows you better or loves you more, since […]

BLOG: Be Generous

Jesus Christ’s 108th New Beatitude is Be Generous. Blessed are you to give generously to your brothers and sisters, because what you do for them you do for God and your Self. For it is through your brother and sister that you receive what you give, so be generous.  May you also be a great […]

BLOG: Be Still

Jesus Christ’s 106th New Beatitude is Be Still. Blessed are you to be still and listen to the quiet, small voice within that is your Self, God’s Self, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. Be still and be from your heart, being one with all living beings. Be intentional breath in the holiness of this now […]

BLOG: Be Self-Control

Jesus Christ’s 105th New Beatitude is Be Self-Control. Blessed are you to be self-control and be stable by overcoming the ego.  When negativity arises, do dot react hastily.  Instead, be unmoved and respond with forethought, being still, being self-control, and being forgiveness. Be intentional breath, be intentional thought, and be intentional choice to be self-control […]

BLOG:Be Gentle

Jesus Christ’s 104th New Beatitude is Be Gentle. Blessed are you to be gentle and be kind as I Am.  Gentleness is love, compassion, and acceptance, being the essence of the Father.  Love is gentle and kind, being stronger than any earthly power.  So, be strong yet gentle and try a little tenderness, as the […]

BLOG: Be Just

Jesus Christ’s 103rd New Beatitude is Be just. Blessed at you to be non-judgmental and just with all who are God and your divine Self.  Salvation is God’s justice and the way that you are restored to wholeness. May you realize all to be innocent and sinless, being just. Forgiveness is the way of being […]

BLOG: Be Honest

Jesus Christ’s 102nd New Beatitude is Be Honest. Blessed are you to be honest and be aligned with your greatest Self. In all your thoughts, words, and actions may you be sincere and truthful, being from your heart.  Honesty gives you peace of mind, which is a reflection of the oneness that you are. So […]