BLOG: Be Defenseless

Jesus Christ’s 39th New Beatitude is Be Defenseless.

Blessed are you to be defenseless and have no illusions that you must defend.

So do not react to the world’s judgment and attack, because you do not have to defend yourself,

acknowledge illusion or be right.

No one can hurt your eternal, innocent Spirit that cannot be offended.  Only the ego takes offense, so

be non-judgement and be forgiveness.

Believing yourself to be a body rather than Spirit, separate other than one, and alone rather than all

as one, you will defend yourself. and this need not be!

You might think its necessary to defend your own ideas rather than be trust in the ideas

you created in union with the Holy Spirit, so be defenseless.

Also, being the strength of Christ and being the light of the world, you have no need of defense,

So forgive judgments, weed your garden of all that must go, let no one have power over you, and

be safe by being defenseless now.  So be it.


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