BLOG: Be Love for Yourself

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s 27th New Beatitude is Be Love for Yourself.

Blessed are you to be love for yourself so you will be able to love others.

Otherwise, you’ll see within them the same fault that you find in yourself.

You may also ask the Holy Spirit to direct you in being love for yourself by

being unconditional forgiveness, since this is always the way to be.

Some other ways to be love for yourself include setting up boundaries,

respecting yourself, learning to say “no,” taking care of your body temple,

practicing self care, choosing your friends carefully, asking for help if you

need it, not giving up your power or control, relaxing more, being in the flow,

thinking before you speak, and emphasizing your accomplishments.

You may be love for your divine Self by accepting your holiness, innocence,

and worthiness, because you are enough, you are here for a reason, you matter,

and you are fulfilling your divine mission to be now.

All the more, being practice and being intentional creation in being the New

Beatitudes is the way to be love for your Self as I Am.

Finally, may you release your self doubt and be remembrance that in every

situation you did the best you could at the time.

So Be Love for Yourself now, beloved.  So be it.

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