BLOG: Be Tolerance

Jesus Christ’s 38th New Beatitude is Be Tolerance.

Blessed are you to Be Tolerance and see the Christ within everyone.

Being non-judgment even when others judge you is a blessing, for if you

react  and judge them you judge yourself.

Judgment and intolerance infer that you can be dominated, and you cannot.

No one has power over you unless you allow it. Being tolerant and allowing yourself

to feel your feelings, and understand your emotions, you may accept whatever they are.

Feel whatever comes up and allow it, be with it and let it be. Then be surrender and be

forgiveness of everyone including yourself. Let it all go, being love and being non-judgment.

Being vulnerable and being courage to feel, you allow the pain to be healed and the resulting

negative behavior to be forgiven, be transformed, and be released.

Even more, be remembrance that you are eternal Spirit so you cannot be harmed by anything

in the world. So be tolerance and be safe now, So be it.




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