BLOG: Be the One Mind

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s 29th New Beatitude is Be the One Mind.

Blessed are you to be the One Mind and universal intelligence of the Father.

God’s Mind is written with a capital “M” and God’s Thought with a capital “T,”

which is Thinking with the One Mind of God.

This is possible when you change y0ur perceptions about reality and listen to

your true voice of reason and sanity by being truth.

The separated mind is the place of the ego, your life stories, and individual roles

that form your identity. Being the One Mind is being right Minded or Christ

Minded in your beliefs, awareness, consciousness, and Thoughts by being

aligned with God.

You may also be the miracle as you intentionally join your Mind with others

for the healing and blessing of all, being the One Mind.  So be in your right Mind

by thinking Thoughts that reflect God’s being, nature, and character , by being the

One Mind and being the New Beatitudes now.  So be it.

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