BLOG: Be the Miracle

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s 30th New Beatitude is Be the Miracle.

Blessed are you to be the miracle of love and forgiveness now.

Seeing with Jesus’s eyes in holy vision you behold all things

as innocent, rather than with the physical eyes that judge, blame,

and see guilt. As you let go of your personal control, attachments,

and will to be God’s Will, you will be surrender and be the miracle.

Realizing how deeply you are loved and cared for, you may be confident

that Jesus is rearranging time and space to guide, provide, bless, and

inspire you to expect, receive, and be the miracle.

Appreciating the power of your intentional Thoughts, you will be the

miracle worker when you bless someone with your Mind.  You will also

be the miracle worker when you listen to Jesus and perform the miracles

he directly requests.

Revelation soon follows with the awareness that God is in you, for you, with you,

by you, through you, you are within Him and He is here now.

Albeit, these dynamic keys to life will empower you to Be the Miracle as you

realize Christ is your Self and the holiness that you are. So be it now.

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