BLOG: Be Healed

Jesus Christ’s 40th New Beatitude is Be Healed.

Blessed are you to be healed by being love and being forgiveness unconditionally.

All healing is through the Holy Spirit, so be remembrance of your truth and be it now.

Further, the body is an effect of your mind’s thoughts, so be the cause of your well being

by changing your mind and releasing any meaning you give pain.

Through the body you demonstrate love and light. Shining Spirit’s light unto all, your body

will reflect the light and be healthy, so be the light.

Even more, you are Spirit, being whole, being eternal, being perfect, and being well-being.

If there is any sickness your thoughts may be healed by being aligned with God’s Will as your will,

only thinking what you desire to be, and cancelling out all fearful ideas.

You may be healed by being love for others and desiring healing for them before yourself.  Being One

is also the way to be in all your creations, since you experience your creations one way or another.

Further, the energy of laughter resonates at 528HZ and this is the healing frequency documented

by Dr. Len Horowitz, so laugh more and be healed. Lastly, be directed by the Holy Spirit in being

forgiveness and you will be healed, be peace, and be joy now. So be it.





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