BLOG: Be Endurance

Jesus Christ’s 84th New Beatitude is Be Endurance. Blessed are you to be endurance and overcome the ego by continually asking the Holy Spirit to direct your mind. Thus, you will be vigilant in healing your mind and correcting your thinking.  When the winds of adversity blow,  stand tall and do not be moved, being […]

BLOG: Be Simple

Jesus Christ’s 81st New Beatitude is be Simple. Blessed are you to be simple and kind, by being love and being forgiveness. Simplicity is uncomplicated and as effortless as a positive thought and gentle word. So, be sincere and see with my eyes, being remembrance that an easy disposition is your own gift. Beloved, be […]

BLOG: Be Sharing

Jesus Christ’s 78th New Beatitude is Be Sharing. Blessed are you to share with others as you would God and your divine Self.  What belongs to you belongs to God and everyone, so do for others and be sharing. Withhold what you have and more will be given unto you. Sharing is also being confident […]

BLOG: Be Service

Jesus Christ’s 77th New Beatitude is Be Service. Blessed are you to serve and help others.  Giving and receiving are the same, so serve others and the universe will serve you.  Service is doing whatever is needed to make the way easier for another who is God in disguise. You will realize your significance through […]