BLOG: Be A Teacher

Jesus Christ’s 93rd New Beatitude is Be a Teacher. Blessed are you to teach by example.  Thus you will be a teacher of love and forgiveness in every thought, word, and action.  Shine your love light for all to see because God is glorified when others see Him in you. Be forgiveness and inspire others […]

BLOG: Be Victory

Jesus Christ’s 92nd New Beatitude is Be Victory. Blessed are you to claim your victory even before your next step, by being close to Jesus.  Jesus has an answer to every question even before you ask, and he has already prepared the way. Your faith will move mountains into the sea, as you experience Jesus’ […]

BLOG: Be Sustained

Jesus Christ’s 88th New Beatitude is Be Sustained. Blessed are you to be sustained by truth. Acknowledge the Christ as your Self and be sure that God withholds nothing from you.  Be I Am and be supported, supplied, and sustained as an extension of the Father. No matter what happens in the world, your eternal […]

BLOG: Be Safe

Jesus Christ’s 86th New Beatitude is Be Safe. Blessed are you to be safe, because no one outside of you can change your truth or harm your eternal Spirit. So be with Jesus, and be safe and be kept, realizing that your protection is from God.  You may also be remembrance that greater is the […]