BLOG: Be Surrender

Jesus Christ’s 74th New Beatitude is be Surrender. Blessed are you to be surrender and release your will to be God’s Will, Surrender multiplies your strength since it replaces your sight with God’s insight, and your weakness with God’s power. Surrender also releases attachments to the outcome, so be detached. Surrrender is actually being responsible […]

BLOG: Be Imagination

Jesus Christ’s 72nd New Beatitude is Be Imagination. blessed are you to be imagination, which is inspiration from God, divine Thought, and creativity. May you also be curious and playful within the may different realms, for it is through imagination that shape takes form. May you express wonder and celebration as well, since the divine […]

BLOG: Be Passion

Jesus Christ’s 71st New Beatitude is Be Passion. Blessed are you to be the passionate, unconditional love of God that I Am.  Realizing who you are, being God’s Child, what you are, which is love, and why are you here, which is to be love and be forgiveness, you will be passion in your desire […]

BLOG: Be Understanding

Jesus Christ’s 70th New Beatitude is Be Understanding. Blessed are you to be understanding and be open-minded to see things differently. Being truth, may you be understanding of your Self  and others to be innocent. May you be understanding of oneness as well, by doing unto others as you would God and your Self. May […]

BLOG: Be Integrity

Jesus Christ’s 69th New Beatitude is Be Integrity. Blessed are you to be respectful of your divine Self and others, being integrity. Clearly, being integrity is being love without grievances and being forgiveness automatically, rather than judging automatically. It is also doing what you say you will do, when you say you will do it, […]

BLOG: Be Intuition

Jesus Christ’s 68th New Beatitude is Be Intuition. Blessed are you to acknowledge the Holy Spirit as the still small voice of intuition and true expression of your divine Self. Intuition is solid evidence of your presence within God, since it is an internal GPS system that guides you in the most direct route to […]

BLOG: Be Trust

Jesus Christ’s 67th New Beatitude is Be Trust. Blessed are you to be thrust in God rather than man. Surely, I Am is more powerful than anything in the world, so be trust and be dependent on God and your divine Self. Be faith and realize there are no challenges that you cannot overcome, since […]

BLOG: Be Practice

Jesus Christ’s 66th New Beatitude is Be Practice. Blessed are you to be practice in being these New Beatitudes now. Being God’s Will as your will takes constant, intentional practice. The limits of the world are so dense that you must be discipline and be vigilant in being now. So, practice being unconditional forgiveness every […]