BLOG: Be Sacrifice

Jesus Christ’s 97th New Beatitude is Be Sacrifice.

Blessed are you to acknowledge the energy of the Innocents

as the energy of the Father by being sacrifice.  Being God’s Will

as your will, your intention becomes that of an Innocent.

Innocents are babies, animals, and nature, and they have no ego.

They are teachers of unconditional love and forgiveness as well, so their

lives must be honored.  They also desire to raise the vibration of

mankind to heal the earth.  Even more, what you do to the Innocents,

you do to God and your divine Self.

When you live to serve all of God’s creations before yourself, sacrifice

becomes second nature.  Albeit, being sacrifice you will be from your heart,

so you will have no ego, needs, or identities.

Finally, being sacrifice is true worship, divine giving, and being one within God

as your Self.  Thus, being sacrifice you will truly be joy, be wisdom and be peace

now.  So be it.

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