BLOG: Be Non-Judgment

Jesus Christ’s 35th New Beatitude is Be Non-Judgment.

Blessed are you to be-non-judgment as I Am, and refrain from finding fault in others.

Judgment comes from the ego’s superior sense of self, rather than from the One Mind

that sees all equally.

Judgment is projection, anger, and blame, being an illusion of the world and duality.

It furthers separation by condemning and correcting others.

Judgment blocks awareness of the love and light that you are, and of your brother’s

light as well.  Judgments are grievances that make it impossible to realize and be your

Self, so be non-judgment.

Judgment breeds discontent as well, because when you attack another you attack your

Self.  So be one, be love, and be non-judgment now.  So be it.

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