BLOG: Be Acceptance

Jesus Christ’s 36th New Beatitude is Be Acceptance.

Blessed are you to be acceptance of the truth that there is a higher power who

loves you and desires your love.

May you be acceptance of God as your Father, and your brothers and sisters as your Self.  It is also good to accept all living beings as one Spirit and one life, by being respectful of all life.

May you be acceptance and be now in every present moment as well, by changing nothing and living authentically and profoundly.

As you accept God’s Will rather than your own will, new opportunities for growth and expansion show up.  This takes courage and boldness, an allowance of being in the flow, clarity to recognize blocks to abundance, and forgiveness to dismantle them.

The journey of acceptance will most likely involve calling upon the Holy Spirit and Jesus for the Holy Instant, in whatever way they may comfort, strengthen, and support you.

And being acceptance of God’s Will allows His plan of dominion for your life to be fulfilled. Herein, your love for everyone right where they are, and loving them anyway, no matter what,  allows you to be love now.  So be it, beloved.


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