Spreading Joyful Gospel: Reverend Keith’s Empathetic Ministry and Divine Purpose

God gives each of us spiritual gifts and a unique purpose in life.
It’s our job to discover what that purpose is and utilize the gifts we’ve
been given. Many of us never realize our purpose, but Reverend Keith
has realized hers and lives it to the fullest extent every day.
Keith was blessed with the spiritual gift of evangelism and has been
tasked with spreading the word of God and Jesus Christ through her
teachings. She has embraced this task so eloquently and her inner light
shines through it.
Whether you’re watching Keith and her husband Bobby (aka “The Bell
Ringer”) deliver these teachings through her online church or through
reading her book, the gospel is delivered to the masses in a joyful
manner. You can feel Keith’s love and adoration for the Most High
through the screen. Her sermons are so uplifting you’ll carry that feeling
with you for the rest of the day.
Keith is incredibly empathetic and understands another’s pain.
Because of this she is able to minister to other’s on their level and not
from a place of superiority like others sometimes do. She has the purest
servant’s heart and walks and talks it every day. Keith is one of the
purest souls I have ever met and it’s an absolute honor to know her and
be in her presence.