Healing Words, Angelic Voice: The Impact of Keith Davis’ Spiritual Message

You nailed it! You have given the best explanation of Jesus and
the spiritual path that many of us are on. I always felt like the story of
Jesus was the greatest story ever told. You tell it like it is, your words are
healing, and your voice is angelic. In addition, when preaching your
message is very soothing you are exactly what we need during times like
this. Your words carry great power because they carry Jesus. I want you
to know you have changed the way I look at spirituality and God.
Thank you for your undying devotion, dedication to getting the word
out to the people and giving us hope. Keith, you and your husband
Bobby, make a wonderful team. I love to listen to Bobby’s teachings too,
you both complement each other, and I love you both dearly. Best
church I’ve ever been to, on-line or otherwise.