BLOG: Be Whole

Jesus Christ’s 42nd New Beatitude is Be Whole.

Blessed are you to be Spirit and Be Whole, which is undivided Oneness.

There has never been any separation in the one, and there never will be, since there is only one.

Being the one mind that you are you will be whole, instead of thinking with the

physical, limited mind.  Your power to realize wholeness is your choice to decide and be now.

God establishes the template for your magnitude, worthiness, wholeness, value, perfection, and power,

being I Am.  Formed in His image and being an extension of Him, you are what He is, being whole.

Being whole you will be forgiveness, forgiving everyone for everything including yourself.

And being the fullness of all possibilities because you are born, you are one of a kind, you are enough,

you are perfect just as you are, and you matter, you will realize yourself to be whole now.  So be whole and

be extraordinary as the magnificent person your Father intends for you to be now. So be it.


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