BLOG: Be the Light

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s twenty-first New Beatitude is be the light.

Blessed are you to be the light, love, and joy of the Father. When your

will is God’s Will, you will be the light.

Being the light is the way to be Spirit and not a body, so be an extension

of God which is who you really are.

You may also be the light by being non-judgment and letting go of grievances.

Light is the radiant energy and purpose of Spirit, being the innocence and love

that you really are. So be One, be connected to God and Jesus, be in a close

relationship with your Creator, be plugged in, be appreciation and gratitude,

fill your cup to overflowing and your light body to full, and allow your light to be bright,

shining unto all who are your Self.

You have agreed to be here now at this time, so you may be a light unto the darkness.

So be strength, be truth, be courage, shine you bright light unto the darkness, be healed,

be an up-lifter, be positive, be supportive, be complimentary and constantly be the light

in every intentional thought, word, action, and feeling now.

Surely you don’t have to be right, just be the light.  So be it.



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