BLOG: Be the Golden Rule

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s seventeenth New Beatitude is Be the Golden Rule.

Blessed are you to Be the Golden Rule by doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Jesus asks us to be the Golden Rule because all is One and there is no separation in the One, so be One.

Indeed, what you do to another you do to God and your divine Self.  And what you do for another you do for God and your divine Self.

So do for all as One, and be for everyone, even those who smite you, because Jesus loves everyone, and being an extension of God so should you. May you also love those whom the Father loves, being everyone.

May you also love your enemies because love is the only thing that heals and love is who you are, so be love.

Since judgment creates enemies, Jesus asks us to be non-judgment, be love, be forgiveness, and have no enemies.

Instead, lavish your adversaries with kindness and gentleness, demonstrating the way to be.

Surely, love is what everyone desires, and you are the One to be love now!

Even more, may you do for others before you do for yourself, and then Jesus will do the same, and give the same unto you.

So be it.



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