BLOG: Be Resurrection

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s fourteenth New Beatitude is Be Resurrection.

Blessed are you to Be Resurrection to overcome sin, fear, and death.

Resurrection is overcoming the illusion of your false beliefs to Be God’s Will now.

God’s Wills that you are His beloved child who is whole, equal, innocent and enough.  Gratefully, there is only oneness for we are like our Father, being extensions of Him.

So we are resurrected from our false beliefs and fear to be reborn anew in worthiness. innocence, and unconditional love. Apparent death is resurrection as you release all that no longer serves you.

Beloved, rise from the ashes of your pain and the past to Be Resurrection by the healing of your mind, seeing things differently, and being these New Beatitudes now as I Am that I Am.

Personally, these New Beatitudes have awakened me to my truth and

empowered me to be new now. No longer am I thinking less of myself and allowing others to hurt me in the name of love. Now I do not allow disrespect and recognize my truth and be it now. So be it.

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