BLOG: Be Honest

Jesus Christ’s 102nd New Beatitude is Be Honest. Blessed are you to be honest and be aligned with your greatest Self. In all your thoughts, words, and actions may you be sincere and truthful, being from your heart.  Honesty gives you peace of mind, which is a reflection of the oneness that you are. So […]

BLOG: Be Patient

Jesus Christ’s 101st New Beatitude is Be Patient. Blessed are you to be patience and fortitude with a lack of complaint. Time is of this world and not heaven, so be eternal and be timeless. Be patient and be trust in the stillness of the Father.  The perfect answer will always be now as you […]

BLOG: Be Grace

Jesus Christ’s 99th New Beatitude is Be Grace. Blessed are you to be Spirit,  since Spirit is always in a state of grace. So you can only be grace as I Am. Grace is your natural state of complete abundance and the remembrance of one as one.  God’s grace is given to you because you […]

BLOG: Be Sacrifice

Jesus Christ’s 97th New Beatitude is Be Sacrifice. Blessed are you to acknowledge the energy of the Innocents as the energy of the Father by being sacrifice.  Being God’s Will as your will, your intention becomes that of an Innocent. Innocents are babies, animals, and nature, and they have no ego. They are teachers of […]

BLOG: Be Enlightened

Jesus Christ’s 96th New Beatitude is Be Enlightened. Blessed are you to be awakened from the dream of illusion to be enlightened.  As light and understanding shift your perspective, you will see in holy vision and enlightenment. Being enlightened, you will not think thoughts of fear, sin, and death anymore, because they are negative and […]

BLOG: Be Strength

Jesus Christ’s 95th New Beatitude is Be Strength. Blessed are you to be Christ’s strength and the power of God as your divine Self. Being God’s Will as your will, you will be strength.  True strength is not found in the world but within your Self as the love and innocence that you are.  So […]

BLOG: Be Allowing

Jesus Christ’s 94th New Beatitude is Be Allowing. Blessed are you to be allowing of God’s Will to be your will, and thus you will be salvation now. The greatest thing you can do is be your true Self. So allow Jesus to love you and share his being with you.  Allow your mind to […]

BLOG: Be A Teacher

Jesus Christ’s 93rd New Beatitude is Be a Teacher. Blessed are you to teach by example.  Thus you will be a teacher of love and forgiveness in every thought, word, and action.  Shine your love light for all to see because God is glorified when others see Him in you. Be forgiveness and inspire others […]