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By Rev. Keith Davis

Hello and Good Day.

Welcome to the Blog and we’re glad you’re here. Thanks so much for checking us out.

Today’s topic is Be God’s Will, which is the first New Beatitude.

Exactly what is God’s Will and how can we be it?

God’s Will is our amazing, true will; being life, truth, innocence, oneness, and joy for every beloved child. God’s Will for me was an answer to the longing of my heart to write a book with Him. Much like Neil Donald Walsh and the Conversations with God series. Or when I found the book, God Calling, in the attic of my house 20 years ago and asked if I could write a book like that. And Jesus answered my prayer, for surely God says, ask and you shall receive!

So throughout the last 14 years, I have written Spirituality for The Common Man through divine guidance with Jesus Christ.  It contains Jesus’ gift of The New Beatitudes, which are 114 attitudes of mind that guide us in the way to be; thus they are “Be Attitudes.” Even more, in these changing times Jesus says this world needs him and the teaching. And in my opinion, it surely does.

Being Love is one of my favorite New Beatitudes, and it is definitely the way to be now. God is love and so are we, being extensions of Him. As we express and expand the love that we are, we will Be God’s Will and be these New Beatitudes ourselves.

As an added treat, I have invited my dear friend, Rev. Linda Schiller-Hanna to share her talents and story to further exemplify the teaching, and to validate the evolution of this walk with Jesus Christ. Linda has agreed and is blessing us all with her “spot on” perspective, and I thank you, Reverend, with all my heart.

Lastly, Jesus asks us to be the common cause for the common man, which is Being God’s Will now.  And so may we be.




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4 Replies to “BLOG: Be God’s Will”

  1. It is my honor to become a part of your wonderful blog Keith! I have gratitude and joy to share my little stories with everyone who shows up with curiosity, an open heart, or a need for greater peace today.

  2. 1. Be God’s Will

    One theory about how we feel about God is that it often parallel’s our feelings we have/had about our physical earthly father.

    This was certainly a path that I could relate to. Sometimes, particularly when very young, I pretty much “worshipped” my Dad.

    When he broke my heart by divorcing our little family when I was nine, I developed trust issues and was left with a feeling of abandonment.

    While in college, I ultimately reached a stage of “radical independence”…”Who needs Him?” so I rejected God for quite a few years, as “not worthy of my time.”

    The problem was, whether or not I needed my earthly father or not, by my late twenties, I had messed my life up enough, that my flat-out rejection of “God, the Father” wasn’t really working for me.

    In fact, one Saturday night, I cried myself to sleep because I was so lonely, frightened and broke. I didn’t know which way to turn. The last thought I had, as I slipped into a fitful sleep:

    “I kind of wish I had a Bible again. If I had one, I’d probably read it.”


    Apparently, SOMEONE heard that lonely girl’s prayer. An old friend knocked on my door quite early the next morning, with an unexpected visit. I invited him in and told him I needed to go to the store to get us something for breakfast. ” Just relax and I’ll be back soon.”

    Lo and behold, when returning on my country road outside the town of Benicia, California, I found a big black Bible smack dab in the middle of the street! Even, I, a
    fallen-away Christian, could not ignore this obvious answer to last night’s prayer.

    I pulled over, picked it up and brought it home. I mentioned it to my visitor and he
    told me he had recently become “quite religious” again. I silently groaned. (I didn’t want to be preached to).

    Nevertheless, I felt obligated to try to return the big black book to its rightful owner.
    When I opened the first page, there were numerous names and numbers inside. It was hard to discern who was the rightful owner. One name jumped out at me, however, because it was on Napa Street, in Vallejo. I had moved from Napa Street before buying my little house in Benicia. This seemed a good place to start.

    A few evenings later, I knocked on the door of the apartment on Napa Street and explained my purpose. I told the woman I’d been going through a “hard spell” and this
    Bible had fallen in my path on the road. She said, “Well, I love the Lord, come on in!”

    After looking the Bible over, she decided it most likely belonged to a preacher who now lived only a few blocks from my current home. She gave me his name and address and a day or two later, I dropped it on his front porch and took off. I didn’t want to be preached to!

    In just a few days, I got a call that week from the “lady who loved the Lord.” She explained that the Bible had belonged to the preacher, and his whole family had prayed for its return! Apparently, they were on their way to church the Sunday morning I found it, and he had placed it on top of his car, while loading up, and it fell off on my path.

    Do you think that was Divine Intervention?

    I decided, if God wanted me to have a Bible again that badly, I should go buy one and I did. It was the sign that I needed to realize that I needed to Be God’s Will.

    It was my final turning point back into the world of Spirit.

    Shared by Rev. Linda Schiller-Hanna

  3. Beautiful! I loved your story. God touches us each so personally and uniquely that there can be very little doubt as to Gods love for each of us. Thank you.

  4. Dear Roberta,
    You’re right of course!
    Do you have a story of special significance? If so, would love to hear it here.

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