BLOG: Be God’s Glory

By Rev. Keith Davis

The Second New Beatitude is Be God’s Glory.

Our Father God is great, powerful, and magnificent, and so are we, being God’s children.  Our innocence and love are God’s glory that corrects all illusions.

Now this thought might seem unbelievable but I can assure you, it is true.  Yet when Jesus said we are innocent I had a difficult time accepting it myself, because I felt guilty and shameful for my sin, as my Methodist religion taught me.

Yet Jesus says God still sees us as the innocent beings He created, so there is nothing to forgive.

We have all made mistakes, and all is forgiven. Our seeming faults are expressions of love that our Father overlooks as part of our expansion of love in a world of duality and illusion.

In fact, we remain the love that we are, because our Father is love and so are we. He does not judge us; He only loves us.  In the presence of God’s unconditional love, everything less falls away.

Even more, Love is the power of life and breath, it is eternal and cannot be destroyed, and it is All That Is and All that remains.

This truth is certainly glorious and much to celebrate. As for me, I am ever so grateful to let my mistakes fall by the wayside in the presence of eternal love, and to remain and be what I Am as an extension of my Father and Love IS. So be it.


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One Reply to “BLOG: Be God’s Glory”

  1. It has taken me many years to be able to give the Glory to God when good things happen. Illusion and Ego go hand in hand. It has been so easy to say: “I wrote that song” or “I made that money”…or any other accomplishment along the way.
    When I went to Heartsong, where we were trained in Spiritual Healing, the phrase we were told to use when a healing happened: “I was coincidentally there when the healing happened.” The beloved psychic Edgar Cayce, when asked about his astonishing accurate readings and helpful healing methods, would merely say: “I make no claims.”
    A favorite hymn I learned years ago says it well:
    Have thine own way, Lord
    Have thine own way.
    Thou art the potter,
    I am the clay.
    Mold me and make me,
    After they will
    While I am waiting,
    Yielded and still.

    One pray I love, following up on this theme: “I Will to do Thy Will.”
    Dottie Graham, a wonderful RoHun healing practitioner who did amazing energy balancing work on my wounded soul more than 25 years ago would start her sessions praying over my body on a massage table: “Use me, Use me, Use me.” And Spirit did wonders through her
    I am grateful for all these reminders, and especially grateful for Keith’s capacity to stay the course and be a scribe for the loving deep profound practical messages that our Lord Jesus Christ has brought through her in these New Beatitudes.
    Thank you Jesus and Thank you Keith!

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