BLOG: Be an Extension of God

Jesus Christ’s 11th New Beatitude is Be an Extension of God.

Blessed are you to Be an Extension of the Father as your highest Self.

Being infinite creation, your Father must extend Himself unto you,

because love is expansive.

Perfect love is also unlimited, so you are what the Father is.

Perfect, unconditional love.  Even more, there is no separation in the One,

and we all are One, so be One of the One.

Being One, we are extensions of the Father’s goodness, glory, and

magnificence now. And so may we be now, beloved.

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  1. I heard this message in a sermon about 15 years ago. Apparently there was a statue of Jesus that got damaged in a bombing in Europe in WW2. It stood in the courtyard of a churchyard.
    Everything was present but the hands were missing. Someone placed a sign on the statue that said: “The only hands I have are yours.”

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