The Bell Ringer: How “Spirituality for the Common Man” Revived My Faith

The Bell Ringer and Rev. Keith

My experience with “Spirituality for the Common Man” was life
changing. I guess you could call me a sleeping Christian and would dial
in my basic faith when the circumstances demanded. Books can be just
books sometimes, with little impact on enjoyment of the writing or
actually change your thoughts and bring your inner emotions to the
surface. In my case that is what happened and more. This gift of laying
out a plan utilizing 114 New Beatitudes to form a pathway to spiritual
awareness was my time to be complete. Keith Davis gave my Faith Back
to Me…. by revealing Jesus’s love and forgiveness in a way only her soul
could achieve. I now profess my faith and glad to do it! This book lets
you know that Jesus lives in all of us. You just have to ask for his
guidance and be prayerful!!!
Being a Christian is not easy at times …but the rewards are
endless. In my case I feel in love with Jesus and Keith at the same time.
That’s another story….