Embracing God’s Love: The Joyful Journey of Keith Davis and Her Beautiful Soul

So many awesome things that I could say about my sweet Dear
Beautiful Friend Keith Davis, who is not just so beautiful on the outside,
but such a beautiful fun Soul on the inside. First time I met Keith Davis
we both felt like we had already known each other for many years. We
both just talked and laughed like we had been friends forever. This is
the impact she had on me. I know if you had met her, like I did, you will
feel the same. Her Spiritual love of God Impacted me and so much
more. I remember when I told Keith you need to get on Facebook and
let the World know about you and your awesome book! And how you
love God and how you want others to embrace God like you, tell them
your Story. Tell them about your Awesome book!
Weeks later I said You know What, I am going to get on my
Facebook Page and tell the World about you and your Book. And about
your Beautiful Soul. Oh, I did! And now Beautiful Angel of God, you
got married to a wonderful handsome Godly Christian man. I believe
your husband completes you in all of Gods Journeys that he has planned.
Now she not only stands with God as she always has, but her husband is
right beside her Spreading the word of Jesus in such a fun vibrant way.
Now so many are listening. Because they make learning about our Lord
so fun! As I always say everyone has their own Happy Dance and Keith
and her Husband are sharing their love of God through their own fun
Souls in a way of getting the World to hear them Speak. You both make
each other so Complete! Keep being Real. This is why you are so loved
and embraced by us all!