A Beacon of Strength: Reverend Keith’s Support Through Tragedy

Rev. Keith was a positive light and great support for me and my
family during the tragic accident that my beloved mother and father
suffered from a drunk driver. She was confident in the face of dire
circumstances that God would answer our prayers and maintained her
positive light and faith which truly helped my mother to breathe on her
own miraculously.
Rev. Keith is a gem and such a positive light of reassurance, I
know that I have a friend in her always. She kept a constant prayer, vigil
of love, friendship, and moral furtherance that helped me through my
devastating storm when my mother finally succumbed to her injuries.
Her reassuring words soothed me. I thank you does not begin to express
my appreciation for all her encouragement. How fortunate am I to be
enveloped in a love so genuine and pure as Keith’s. God has blessed me
abundantly to have a friend like Rev. Keith and I know our friendship
will endure always.