A Beacon of Light: The Transformative Influence of Reverend Keith Davis

I’m honored and privileged to be asked to give a comment on my
friend and follower of Jesus, Reverend Keith Davis.
I met Keith about 8 years ago at a local community Reiki Healing
Community Center. I felt an instant sense of her spirit as I experienced
the light she carried when she walked into the room. The warm smile,
the reciprocated hugs felt like I’d known her, and it was easy. We
purposed to get together and fellowship. Busy as our lives are we did
meet up and recognized the deep love of our Higher Power and how
that manifested in our lives. We shared some similar stories, a few tears
and as I drove home my face hurt from all the smiling and laughing. We
continue to talk, text and share prayer with and for each other to this
day. I’m so grateful.

I eagerly found her book not long after our initial meetup,
“Spirituality of the Common Man” and couldn’t put it down. The book
helped renew my purpose of being present with so many of the miracles
surrounding me and how to utilize the “new” Beatitudes in my attitudes
of everyday living. I reach for it when I need some fine tuning, or I’ve
become discouraged in my day. I always see something I need. She
utilizes her book as a template for her Sunday Sermons, a brief and joyful
punch of inspiration I don’t always catch live, but I rarely miss and

Reverend Keith is a trusted advisor and counselor who has the
ability to bring her love of Jesus gracefully into a situation, so I feel
supported in moving through whatever has me stuck. I trust her ability
to hold sacred space with privacy and that is the true nature of her
service work.

I hope whomever needs to hear my “testimony” of Reverend Keith
will find the same connection and inspiration I have found in knowing
her and her work.