BLOG: Be Aligned

Jesus Christ’s 60th New Beatitude is Be Aligned. Blessed are you to be aligned with your divine Self or God within you.  Thus, you will feel good, be joy, and be well- being.  When you  disregard your connection to God you will not feel or be well. Being aligned you will also do for others […]

BLOG: Be Aware

Jesus Christ’s 59th New Beatitude is Be Aware. Blessed are you to be aware of the truth of your being, and the innocence and love that you are. May you also be mindful of the oneness of creation and the equality of all souls, by being respectful of all life. Being aware of your judgments, […]

BLOG: Be Hope

Jesus Christ’s 57th New Beatitude is Be Hope. Blessed are you to be hope and be trust in God. Hope views all with holy vision, seeing beyond the physical to the spirit within. The ego makes you think you can fail, but you will always succeed if you don’t give up. So be hope that […]

BLOG: Be Wisdom

Jesus Christ’s 55th New Beatitude is Be Wisdom. Blessed are you to be wisdom by being your divine Self now.  The wisdom of heaven, truth, and oneness will lead you home, as you so desire to be. Wisdom beholds the innocence of everyone in holy vision, and so you may truly see. Being wisdom you […]

BLOG: Be Confident

Jesus Christ’s 54th New Beatitude is Be Confident. Blessed are you to be confident being your divine Self. You are already deserving, being holy, being whole, and being eternal. So be sure that in being love you are empowered, and in being joy you are strengthened and confident.  Thus, you may acknowledge you good that […]

BLOG: Be Beauty

Jesus Christ’s 53rd New Beatitude is Be Beauty. Blessed are you to be the beauty, wholeness, and oneness of I Am. Beloved, you are beautiful, being one of the one.  All beauty reflects the light of the one who created it, being the innermost light of the Father. Envision the beauty of nature as a […]

BLOG: Be Infinite

Jesus Christ’s 52nd New Beatitude is Be Infinite. Blessed are you to be the infinite expansiveness of love. God is far more magnificent that the world and its beliefs. His expansive potential is who you are, being His infinite son. So shine your light by being more love and serve those less fortunate than you. […]

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