BLOG: Be Courage

Jesus Christ’s 91st New Beatitude is Be Courage. Blessed are you to be courage and be bold in being these New Beatitudes now. Stand tall in the midst of the storm and set your sights very high, knowing there is nothing to fear because fear is not real. Only love is real and you are […]

BLOG: Be Empowered

Jesus Christ’s 90th New Beatitude is Be Empowered. Blessed are you to be empowered by the love that you are. God is love and so are you, so be love and be empowered. You are also blessed to be the  powerful  One mind of God that created all things.  Unconditional love is your power to […]

BLOG: Be a Channel

Jesus Christ’s 89th New Beatitude is Be a Channel. Blessed are you to be a channel for all to see Jesus through you. The light is Jesus’ Spirit within you, so be a channel of divine power, innocence, and love. Your example of the Christ inspires others to rise to new heights, teaching them who […]

BLOG: Be Sustained

Jesus Christ’s 88th New Beatitude is Be Sustained. Blessed are you to be sustained by truth. Acknowledge the Christ as your Self and be sure that God withholds nothing from you.  Be I Am and be supported, supplied, and sustained as an extension of the Father. No matter what happens in the world, your eternal […]

BLOG: Be Restored

Jesus Christ’s 87th New Beatitude is Be Restored. Blessed are you to be restored by being these New Beatitudes now. Your innocence has set you free to be your greatest Self and create your best life now. So change your mind and be holy, be whole, and be restored to oneness. May you also be […]

BLOG: Be Safe

Jesus Christ’s 86th New Beatitude is Be Safe. Blessed are you to be safe, because no one outside of you can change your truth or harm your eternal Spirit. So be with Jesus, and be safe and be kept, realizing that your protection is from God.  You may also be remembrance that greater is the […]

BLOG: Be Enthusiasm

Jesus Christ’s 85th New Beatitude is be Enthusiasm. Blessed are you to be enthusiasm to be One.  I Am is who and what you are, so you will naturally be enthusiasm. Joy is God’s state of being, and so must you be as His extension as well. Being enthusiasm furthers your willingness to be in […]

BLOG: Be Endurance

Jesus Christ’s 84th New Beatitude is Be Endurance. Blessed are you to be endurance and overcome the ego by continually asking the Holy Spirit to direct your mind. Thus, you will be vigilant in healing your mind and correcting your thinking.  When the winds of adversity blow,  stand tall and do not be moved, being […]

BLOG: Be Blessed

Jesus Christ’s 83rd New Beatitude is Be Blessed. Blessed are you to be loved and blessed by God as Him Self. Being love, you will be a blessing to others with you kind thoughts, words, and actions. You are also blessed to be service and be sharing by being a great giver.  And you may […]

BLOG: Be Well-Being

Jesus Christ’s 82nd New Beatitude is Be Well-Being. Blessed are you to be I Am and be well-being now. Love cannot be anything but well-being, since it is God’s Will and glory for His beloved. So, be close to Jesus and be abundant life, because joy is the way of I Am.  The stronger your […]