BLOG: Be Peace

Jesus Christ’s 49th New Beatitude is Be Peace. Blessed are you to be peace by being forgiveness automatically for everyone and everything, every time. Peace begins within your divine Self and it has no other goal than to be. You must be intentional choice to peace first, before you can give it away. Your emotions […]

BLOG: Be Discipline

Jesus Christ’s 48th New Beatitude is Be Discipline. Blessed are you to be discipline by training your mind to think only loving thoughts.  Discipline is necessary to control your mind. Since you think both intentional and unintentional thoughts, you must be discipline to manifest what you desire. Discipline also rewards you with maturity, wisdom, power, […]

BLOG: Be Transformed

Jesus Christ’s 47th New Beatitude is Be Transformed. Blessed are you to choose to be transformed and changed by Christ’s triumph and truth of being now.  Transformation comes through being, living, experiencing, seeing, loving, forgiving, sharing, accepting, surrendering, aligning, and resurrecting with Jesus. Now is the time to be self -acceptance, be new, be resurrected, […]

BLOG: Be Detached

Jesus Christ’s 46th New Beatitude is Be Detached. Blessed are you to be detached from things outside yourself,  because you are whole and complete within your divine Self. The ego thinks you need things outside yourself to be complete, but completion comes from what is within.  Co-dependency and attachments to things and people are of […]

BLOG: Be Free

Jesus Christ’s 44th New Beatitude is Be Free. Blessed are you to be free of sin, fear and guilt by being innocent and being truth. Freedom comes from your infinite truth, being God’s Will and God’s Glory as your divine Self.  You are not bound by the limitations of the world, because you are the […]

BLOG: Be Equal

Jesus Christ’s 43rd New Beatitude is Be Equal. Blessed are you to Be Equal as the Father’s one son.  You are within God as I Am and your Self, being an equal extension of the Father. Jesus’ example of love and forgiveness demonstrates who you can be also, being created in God’s likeness and an […]

BLOG: Be Whole

Jesus Christ’s 42nd New Beatitude is Be Whole. Blessed are you to be Spirit and Be Whole, which is undivided Oneness. There has never been any separation in the one, and there never will be, since there is only one. Being the one mind that you are you will be whole, instead of thinking with […]

BLOG: Be Healed

Jesus Christ’s 40th New Beatitude is Be Healed. Blessed are you to be healed by being love and being forgiveness unconditionally. All healing is through the Holy Spirit, so be remembrance of your truth and be it now. Further, the body is an effect of your mind’s thoughts, so be the cause of your well […]

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