BLOG: Be Transformed

Jesus Christ’s 47th New Beatitude is Be Transformed.

Blessed are you to choose to be transformed and changed by Christ’s triumph

and truth of being now.  Transformation comes through being, living, experiencing,

seeing, loving, forgiving, sharing, accepting, surrendering, aligning, and resurrecting

with Jesus.

Now is the time to be self -acceptance, be new, be resurrected, and be renunciation of

sin and fear by changing your perspective.  You will also be transformed as you

realize your divine connection to God, the Holy Spirt, and Jesus by being faith, and seeing

yourself and all humanity being equal and already deserving.

Even more, be the Christ temple who is love embodied, being the divine within flesh, mind,

heart, words, thoughts, actions, feelings, and being.

Lastly, your grandest truth is to be transformed by letting grievances go to be love,

be forgiveness, and be the light now as I Am.  So be it.

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