BLOG: Be the Atonement

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s twenty-second New Beatitude is Be the Atonement.

Blessed are you to be the atonement or at-one-ment by being aligned with God.

Being aligned in the moment you will be the love that you are, which is what God is.

God is love and being an extension of Him, so are you. Being love you will choose the

loving thought, word, action, and feeling in every now moment to be.

In this way, you are at one with your Father, being connected with the one Mind that you


The way of the atonement is unconditional love and forgiveness for everyone and everything,

every time; thus it is a miracle for the miracle minded. Even more, being the atonement

you will be intentional thought to be one and join all minds for the healing of all.

Beloved, may you be One with all life by being atoned, rather than to be separate and think

with the ego which is nothing, nobody, no one and no way. So be it.


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