BLOG: Be Respectful of All Life

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s thirteenth New Beatitude is Be Respectful of All Life.

Blessed are you to Be Respectful of All Life by honoring the One soul in all living beings that is God and your divine Self.

Let’s love, spoil, give and receive love from one another and all the great animals, nature, and the earth.  A soul is a soul all life is One. I understand Jesus to say that saving an animal’s life is equal to saving a human’s life in God’s eyes. So the choice is clear.

Do not kill unnecessarily nor mistreat another without recognizing the consequences of your actions.  Being One, you are the two-legged, four-legged, furred, finned, crawling and winged animal and plant beings.  These creatures fulfill their mission by teaching mankind to be love and be forgiveness unconditionally. Gosh, if we could all be as kind and forgiving as the animals, what a great place this would be!

All life is sacred, relationships are holy, marriage is to be honored, mothers and motherhood is to be respected, fatherhood is reverent, and elders are to be valued as well as your being, divine Self, human self, inner temple, body temple, and word.

It is also good to honor mother earth as a sacred living being by appreciating, conserving, and preserving natural resources. Share, compost, recycle, reuse, reduce your consumption and waste, and stop using plastic bottles, bags, straws, and six-pack holders.

Once I saw a pic of a turtle stuck in a plastic six-pack holder, with it’s shell in the shape of a number eight. Another turtle had a straw stuck in its nose, and recently I saw an underwater video of a seahorse with it’s tail wrapped around a q-tip, swimming along with it in tow. Is this not the epitome of too much trash in the sea? Yikes! When is enough, enough?

What I know is that we can do better. We surely can stop treating our planet like a garbage dump, disrespecting the animals and nature, and polluting the air, seas, and lands. All resources are not sustainable and self replenishing, and they will run out. Furthermore,  the amount of litter in the sea is ridiculous! I’ve seen even more pics show the sea looking like a trash heap. Seriously now folks!

The polar bears are dying because of climate change, the rhinos are being poached at rapid speed, the tigers are disappearing, and some species will be extinct soon and some already are.  For example, we lost the last white rhino in captivity yesterday and there are only 750 gorillas left on the planet. The pesticides in seeds are killing the bees as well as causing cancer, and this is catastrophic to all life!

Our Animal Manger Rescue furthers all these causes and more, and the above featured picture depicts our respect for the animals.  Together we can make a difference and be the difference that is called for now. This is the moment to draw the line and do what it takes to save lives, support all life, and stop the destruction and disrespect. We’re all here together and what we do to another we do to God and ourselves, Being One.

Let’s also help save the rainforests, by supporting preservation groups, plant as many trees as possible, and leave no carbon imprint.  Lastly, Id like to give a hand to the foster families and groups, for saving lives.  Thank you for everything you do the help another that is you, and together may we uplift the collective consciousness to Be Love and Be Respect for All Life now.  So be it.



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  1. Being respectful of all life, includes being respectful to future life. Species are dying out at alarming rates. The rainforest is diminishing, the oceans are dying due to increasing heat and a choking of plastic items, and soapy residue, not to mention other pollutants from oil spills, to chemical leakage from around the globe. As we individually recognize our common need to live on this fragile overpopulated planet, we are challenged to do so with deeper grace, sensitivity and understanding of our shared destiny. Currently, Native peoples around the planet with simple life styles and living close to nature model a way of being that many of us could “regress” to.

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