BLOG: Be Remembrance

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s Ninth New Beatitude is Be Remembrance.

Blessed are you to Be Remembrance of your truth as God’s beloved child.

You are an extension of your Father, in all His glory, power, and perfection.

The Father is love, and so are you, Being One of the One.

Many people ask, who am I and why am I here?

And Jesus answers, saying, Be Remembrance of

who you are, Being God’s Child.

Be Remembrance of what you are, Being Love.

And Be Remembrance of why you are here,

which is to Be Love.

Beloved, this is your true identity and purpose

that you may Be Now.

Upon hearing this beautiful key to life, I am

reminded of my glorious truth and perfection,

rather than to think of my shortcomings, mistakes,

and past regrets.

It is time to wipe away the illusions and think only

of the divinity of our being. Our goodness is

magnanimous. Our spirit is eternal and our

light is illuminating. Our innocence is astounding

and our oneness is perfect. Our intentional thought

is powerful and our wisdom is great. Our blessings are

abundant and our safety is assured. Our beauty is

intrinsic and our love is infinite. Our joy is immeasurable

and our freedom is assured. Our grace is amazing and

our gratitude is essential. Gladly, we are loved and all is well,

as we are resurrected to new life seeing with holy vision and

a new perspective.

So let us Be Remembrance of who we really are and

be it now. So be it.











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One Reply to “BLOG: Be Remembrance”

  1. The trick is to remember. It is so easy to wallow in shame, blame and guilt. I never understood the concept of Original Sin. One of my friends talks about a newborn as being “a little bit of heaven.” When I’ve painted the aura of an infant, it is pure white light, sometimes with a tiny blur of pink (unconditional love), or a bit of gold…(positive energy) … or blue (clarity).
    Nothing dark and dingy.
    We are born innocent. Then society, culture, and unfortunate dogma, or family patterns begin to cloud our light with “expectations/pressures/demands/beliefs” that we innocently adopt…before we have the capacity to discern whether or not they are true or needed.
    A day doesn’t pass that I don’t have to be reminded that there is probably a bit more “good in me” than “not good.”
    Be watchful of “sucking after guilt/blame/shame.” It doesn’t become us and it isn’t true.
    Keith has it right here. This is a very important Beatitude and one I’m going to need to work with more than some of the others….because this one doesn’t come easily to me. I need it to, however.
    How about you? If we really look at one another with the eyes of love, we can Remember!

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