BLOG: Be Peace

Jesus Christ’s 49th New Beatitude is Be Peace.

Blessed are you to be peace by being forgiveness automatically for everyone

and everything, every time.

Peace begins within your divine Self and it has no other goal than to be.

You must be intentional choice to peace first, before you can give it away.

Your emotions will always reveal your authentic feelings, being your dependable truth

gauge.  They will always guide you to your innermost being, and the right thing to do.

When you feel good you are aligned with love and on the right track. When you don’t

feel good you are not aligned with love and what you really desire.

So trust your emotions because they are a sure barometer of your authentic truth and

they will always lead you home.

Thus, being a conduit that is aligned with love you will be peace as your true, divine Self.

In so being, you will shift your energy and the world’s energy patterns just by being your Self.

So you can change the world, beloved!

Finally, world peace begins within the hearts of every common man and woman as they desire

and choose to be love and be forgiveness now.  So be it.


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