BLOG: Be One

Jesus Christ’s fourth New Beatitude is Be One.

It is amazing to realize your divine Self to Be One of the One. The One is your Father God and the One That is All That Is as I Am.  And you are an extension of Him, Being His Beloved Child.

With that being said, we are “all that” for sure, as the saying goes!

Being “all that” is the gift of a lifetime, if we may only realize our oneness and be it now.

So what is Being One and how may we be it?

Our Father God is everything glorious, eternal, loving, innocent, and joyous, being life and breath Him Self.  In His oneness there is no separation, judgment, inequality, or littleness.

Thoughts of anything less than God’s magnanimous oneness are illusion and not real, being less that truth.

Even more, there is only one soul that is all life, so Be One and honor all life as one. Deny your Father no longer, or your brother that is God and you, Being One.

May you also see God in every living being, and in your brothers and sisters who are I Am also. All life is interconnected as one creation, and your realization of this is your truth, power, and joy now, beloved.







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  1. It can be a stretch to consider the possibility of ‘being one.” I can get divided even in my own mind: “What should I do first? Should I eat first, or sweep the floor first?” As I close my eyes and focus and breathe slowly in and out, I allow the experience of Oneness to settle upon my heart like gathering dusk. I surrender to Oneness. I flow into it and let go.
    Floating on the truth like a lily on a tranquil lake…I accept my Oneness in this scene, my appropriateness, my beauty, my joy.
    And so it is!

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