BLOG: Be Now

By Rev, Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s 12th New Beatitude is Be Now.

Blessed are you to be now in this present moment.

Now is what is and who you are as I Am.

Everything that is real exists right now, so be now

and not in the past or future.

The past and future exist merely in thought, so

right now is your true reality.

Be now and do not allow your past beliefs or fears

of the future to influence what is happening in the

present moment.

So beloved, don’t wait for tomorrow, because now

is your time to be. So be it.

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One Reply to “BLOG: Be Now”

  1. Perhaps this will help a person who is suffering from a headache. I have noticed that whenever I get a headache, or ask anyone who has one, “Where is your focus?” It is almost always in the FUTURE…. a worrying stance. When we are trying to be both in the future and the present at the same time, it “jams the system” and pain results.
    Another thing I’ve learned is that frequently a headache can be more cured by the water you drink to take the pill than the pill itself. It is often a symptom of dehydration. So the next time you get a headache, ask yourself: Am I thirsty? Am I being in the NOW?

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