In the beginning there was God, being I Am that I Am.  I Am is who you are also, being God’s beloved Child.

I Am is your Father’s divine Mind, intelligence, and power that is yours also, Being An Extension of God.

You may call forth God in you by saying “I Am” before whatever you desire to be, and it will be so.

I Am is a powerful manifesting tool, since all energy creates. Thought is energy and energy creates. As you think, speak, act, and feel it will be what you created, either intentionally or unintentionally.

You might picture each thought as a building block. When more blocks are added to it a structure is created. Before long, something tangible is created by your similar, continuous thoughts.

This is why prayer and positive affirmations are so powerful. And why it is good to focus and intentionally monitor thought, so negative thought is deleted and not repeated, nor manifested into physical form.

So it is definitely necessary to Be I Am and Be Intentional Thought, to create and be you best and brightest now. So be it.

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One Reply to “BLOG: Be I Am”

  1. Linda Schiller-Hanna says: Reply

    Three mysteries: ” Air to birds, water to fish, man to himself.” – Hindu expression
    It is very hard to wrap one’s head around the idea that I AM that I AM. One thing that ego is for us is an envelope of “individuality”…..”its all about me”…..but this is an illusion as well. Our whole self is part of the great I AM. (Similar to a drop of water in a vast ocean…we are still salty H20!)
    I wrote a little book called: ‘Relieving the Burden of Self”. It seems I could never “get away” from my incessant, overwhelming, “ME, Me, me” attitudes. Like an infant absorbed in its own toes….it is difficult to have perspective of the Grandness of our Soul. How does one truly take in, absorb, accept, identify with “I AM?” (Who am I to feel that worthy? Who am I to think I am that loved? Who am I to comprehend a God that can love this whole Universe, even including little old me???)
    Someone once said to me: Don’t belittle yourself. Be-big yourself!!
    Now that’s an interesting play on words. And do words get in the way? Lots of things can get in the way of recognizing our oneness…our worthiness…our sacred Divinity.
    Oh My God!
    Oh, My God.
    oh, my God.

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