BLOG: Be God’s Child

By Rev. Keith Davis


Jesus Christ’s sixth New Beatitude is Be God’s Child.

Glory, Glory, Glory!

We are blessed to Be God’s Child and an extension of Him. The Father only creates like Him Self, so our character is infinite glory, holiness, innocence and goodness. Not even our belief that we are something less will change our divine heritage, since we are of God and from God, within Him and inseparable from Him.

Just like children resemble their parents, we resemble God. We are all created divine and equal. We have unlimited access to Him and may rely on Him, knowing and realizing the power of a close relationship with our Father. Jesus called the Father Abba, because He is more than a Father, He is the source of all that is and the life that is all as one.

I revel in this glorious place of oneness with my Father. His never ending, unconditional love is ever present and dependable, as is His grace, mercy, and kindness. I know He always has my best interests at heart and has great plans for me that surpass my grandest dreams.

So my heavenly Father will never hurt me. Much unlike the way my earthly father treated me. Both my brother and I were disrespected, dissed, and disowned by our dad, who gave his all to our two stepmothers. They mattered most to dad and we best get over it. To please my first stepmother, my father disowned me and cut off all communications for twenty years.

I felt abandoned, betrayed, and denied and I suffered greatly. Year after year my dad ignored me to make my mean stepmother happy.  To say the least, I was crushed that my dad could hurt me so deeply and not care.

In all my pain I cried unto God, how could dad not love me? And Jesus said, “Your Father in heaven loves you. Your Father in heaven has never hurt you.” And this was so true.

My eternal relationship with my heavenly Father made everything okay. God’s love made it all bearable.  My closeness with Him day by day and year by year, healed me. I was better, because my Father in heaven loved me and cared for me and never let me down. From Him I have learned the meaning of true love and how to treat others. From and in Him I live and breathe and have my being.

So thank you Father. I gratefully behold my oneness, honor my being, strengthen my belief, align my behavior, become my divine Self, and Be God’s Child as my Father created me to Be Now. So be it.



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One Reply to “BLOG: Be God’s Child”

  1. What is so beautiful about Keith’s testimony about her Father above, is that she failed to mention how lovingly and gently she nurtured and cared for him in his advanced old age. He was sick, frail and sometimes very mean, yet Keith preserved with loving attention, gentleness and support. It was astonishing to observe her capacity to BE LOVE, no matter what.
    I observed Keith mature spiritually throughout this hardship and she preserved to overcome “appearances” and her human father’s “flat spots” to be the accepting, caring angel she is today for all.
    This lady walks her talk. I am privileged to have her as my “spiritual daughter” and have learned so much from her wise and gentle ways.

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