BLOG: Be Free

Jesus Christ’s 44th New Beatitude is Be Free.

Blessed are you to be free of sin, fear and guilt by being innocent and being truth.

Freedom comes from your infinite truth, being God’s Will and God’s Glory as your

divine Self.  You are not bound by the limitations of the world, because you are the

power to be free.

Indeed, your freedom to choose, do, and be what you desire is God’s great gift to His

beloved. Being free, you design you reality by choosing what you intentionally think.

So be gratitude for everything, because creation adapts to your good thoughts and delivers

good things.

You may also be free from your past by being God’s grace, and be free from judgment and

guilt by being true forgiveness.  Being authentic and your real Self, feeling your feelings and

being true to who you are,  you will be free from resistance and separation and be these New

Beatitudes now.  So be it, beloved.

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