BLOG: Be Faith

Jesus Christ’s 35th New Beatitude is Be Faith.

Blessed are you to Be Faith by being connected to God in your one mind and heart,

being one.  Be in a close relationship with God by being in, by, for, through, and with

I Am as your Self.

Even more, being the Christ temple and embodiment of faith your Self, you will be divine

and human in one body.  This is the human experience that punctuates being I Am that I Am,

or God within flesh, rather than just speaking of it.

So, be faith in God’s keeping power that moves mountains into the sea, because you are the

power to be.  Be faith and do not be moved, no matter what may come.

Verily, may you be a resolute master who chooses to transform trials into triumphs, vices

into victories, and faintness into faith.  Surely, the Father is more powerful than anything

in the world. He is still on the throne and in control, and through Him all things are

possible, so be one and be faith now.  So be it.

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