BLOG: Be Eternal

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s Seventh New Beatitude is Be Eternal.

Blessed are you to Be Eternal spirit as I Am. Your spirit or life force is alive, divine, formless, immortal, and unchanging, so it does not die.

Your soul or God Self has lived many lifetimes and has chosen to be here now to experience and create anew. Energy cannot be destroyed. It just changes form, so your spirit and soul live on in eternity.

Jesus’ resurrection is proof of eternal life, because he rose again on the third day. Being resurrection is everyone’s best choice as we intentionally choose new life now. Leaving the ashes of our fearful pasts behind and releasing all that no longer serves us, we create the most loving versions of ourselves possible.

My personal proof of eternal life is vast. My dear departed Mother communicated with me after her death when I was eight years old. She told me things only the two of us knew, and comforted me about her passing. The Rev. Sally Perry verified my Mother’s presence as well as Sharon Day and Rev. Linda Schiller Hanna.

My Mother continues to communicate with me, and has been joined by my Grandmother, Mamaw, son, P.J., my Father and dog, Crystal, and last but certainly not least, Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother. Jesus told me that I communicated with my Mother so well that he was confident I would discern his voice and receive his messages perfectly. And I thank him for the complement.

Even more, Page Powers has recently brought in Moses for me twice, and June Johnson has brought in the Blessed Mother and Jesus countless times in healing sessions throughout the years.

I have had the pleasure of my Father, Harvey Lane, being eternal and communicating with me personally and through other light workers. Since his death two years ago he has made his presence known often, and he even had a near death experience that validated the book, Spirituality for The Common Man, and The New Beatitudes being from Jesus Christ.

I wrote a narrative about Dad’s near death experience which I included in the last edition of the book, and filmed his story in videos on You-Tube. Dad said his verification was his final gift to me, and proof of eternal life.

Dad talked about eternal life and seeing my Mother, his Mother, Father, Sister, Uncle Calvin, pets, and Jesus in Heaven. During his 23 hour visit to the other side, Jesus spoke of the teaching he gave me and the impact it had on him. The teaching had enabled Dad to experience a higher realm in heaven and counsel other fathers to love their children more deeply.

I have many other examples of eternal life that I will share.  Yet, I will say that eternal life has given me great comfort when a loved ones passes, because I know I will see them again in eternity and certainly communicate with them in thought now. This is true because there are no secrets and every thought is known in other dimensions.

Ever time I tell a loved one in eternity that I love them, they know it. Every thought I think is known. All life is interconnected and eternal and I am joyous to Be Eternal now. So be it.



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