BLOG: Be Discipline

Jesus Christ’s 48th New Beatitude is Be Discipline.

Blessed are you to be discipline by training your mind to think only

loving thoughts.  Discipline is necessary to control your mind.

Since you think both intentional and unintentional thoughts, you must be

discipline to manifest what you desire.

Discipline also rewards you with maturity, wisdom, power, and knowledge,

because it allows you to overcome the ego.  Surely you must be able to

control your mind to control your thoughts.

Albeit, discipline grants you stillness and serenity, responses rather than

reactions, order and energy, and self review and non-judgment.

Lastly, be discipline and be directed by the Holy Spirit in practicing good

character, beneficial habits, self control, stillness, and forgiveness in every

in every opportunity to be now.  So be it.

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