BLOG: Be Detached

Jesus Christ’s 46th New Beatitude is Be Detached.

Blessed are you to be detached from things outside yourself,  because

you are whole and complete within your divine Self.

The ego thinks you need things outside yourself to be complete, but

completion comes from what is within.  Co-dependency and attachments to

things and people are of the illusionary, physical world, so they are not real.

May you also be detached from judgment, guilt, blame, and reaction.  Instead,

be forgiveness, be the observer, be a witness, be responsible, be discipline, and

be self-control.

Certainly, your true happiness is inherent within your Self, being the wholeness,

worthiness, and oneness that you are eternally as I Am.

So let go of your  attachments and give them nothing to be attached to.  Verily,

there is nothing you need, being God’s Will, being God’s glory, and being I Am that

I Am now.  So be it.


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