BLOG: Be Awakened

By Rev. Keith Davis

Jesus Christ’s 10th New Beatitude is Be Awakened.

Blessed are you to wake up and remember the Oneness

of God as your Self.

It is a holy moment to see your divine Self as God sees you,

and it is a true Aha moment.

In this beautiful, magical space the blinders are removed and

our truth is known. The truth of God that is ours too.

Being extensions of God, we are what He is. All glory, goodness,

innocence, love, joy, and peace. All worthiness, wholeness, holiness,

and beautiful perfection.  All power, light, acceptance, compassion,

grace and gratitude. And even more, being The New Beatitudes now

as your greatest Self now. What a great awakening! So be it.


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One Reply to “BLOG: Be Awakened”

  1. How pure and inspiring Be Awakened is! Dare we really reach that high? Go for the Gold?
    Trust that we are THAT loved? I’ve heard an analogy about God that made sense to me: God is like the ocean and we are like one drop of ocean water…made of the same stuff, but not as expansive.
    My version is this: God is like cookie dough. (I think it may be chocolate chip!). We are like cookie cutters. He provides the “stuff of life…the creative material of our essence, but allows us FREE WILL to shape our cookies to be ugly or beautiful, round or square. So we co-create with Spirit our own lives. How much can we allow ourselves to be spectacular divine sacred beings, truly worthy of the love that is so abundantly bestowed by the Father? Stretch! No limits! Inhale: I am worthy. I am beloved. I am awakened. Amen: So Be It!

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