Be Truth

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  1. 5. Be Truth.

    “Your individual power is proportionate to your consciousness of Truth”
    reminds me of an event that occurred several decades ago in northern California.
    I witnessed an accident on a highway overpass wherein a little girl on her bike, who was with a group of other children and a teacher, was lightly struck with a car and fell down.
    There were no obvious injuries but someone said, ” we should call an ambulance,
    just in case!”

    We were all pretty shook up and someone made the call. The little girl’s mother was also called.

    The ambulance arrived first, checked her out and said there was no need to convey her to the hospital. She was “OK.” About that time, the child’s mother arrived and conferred with the ambulance staff. They were presenting her with a bill. This was not sitting well with her, and she looked around at the gathered group of on-lookers and asked, “Who called the ambulance?” using an accusatory tone.

    There was a long and uncomfortable silence as folks looked down and shifted their feet nervously.

    I then spoke up: “We all did and I thought it was a good idea, too!” The mother then shifted her energy, went towards the person who admitted making the call and said: “Thank you for calling the ambulance for my daughter.”

    Everyone sighed in relief.

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