Be God’s Child

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  1. I had the privilege of attending the Life, Death and Transition workshop in the mountains of W. Virginia conducted by the remarkable and amazing, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., author of On Death and Dying, and founder of the hospice movement in the USA. She also was an early pioneer working with thousands of AIDS patients when the crisis first broke out. Her workshops attracted very wounded people, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I was no exception. Many of us had traumatic childhoods, for example. One of the days, she stood before us and sang the song: How Could Anyone Ever Tell You? It brought me to tears and I believe is the most beautiful song I’ve ever known.
    If you will go to You Tube and key in: How Can Anyone Ever Tell You? sung by Shania Noll, you will be touched, I promise.
    Here are the words, for those who don’t want to check the link:
    How can anyone ever tell you?
    You are anything less than beautiful.
    How could anyone ever tell you,
    You are less than whole?
    How could anyone fail to notice
    That your loving is a miracle
    and how deeply connected you are to my soul?
    lyrics by; Libby Roderick

    ….and if you’d like to see Libby Roderick there is a Ted Talk with her singing several songs including this as the last one. An amazing woman in her own right!
    Rev. Linda Schiller-Hanna

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